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当前位置 首页 剧情片 《两只老虎》


类型:剧情  中国大陆  2013 

主演:白恩 塔其雅娜·亚历山大洛夫娜Татьяна Александровн 



在哈尔滨一个夜总会式的舞厅里来往着许多俄罗斯演员达妮亚(Tanya)初来乍到却已经开始厌烦这样的生活伴随着各种不顺她的孤独感与日俱增一个偏僻的小面馆里同样不属于这个寒冷城市的南方小伙子油子心中充满不安两人的相遇让他们从对方身上找到了新寄托达妮亚开始迷恋和油子在一起的时光她计划着和油子一起去虎园看她最喜欢的动物老虎可惜油子最终不告而别达妮亚独自一人坐上了前往虎园的车…… In a night-club-like ballroom in the City Harbin, lots of Russian dancers were making their lives. Tanya was new here, while she was tired of the life there. Her loneliness was increasing along with lots of frustrations. In an obscure noodle-restaurant, there was a Chinese boy named Youzi, who came from another South city, was tortured by something. The meeting of the two people made both of them find sustenance in each other. Tanya liked to spend time with Youzi, she even planned to invite Youzi to the zoo to see tiger, which was her favorite animal. While Youzi left the city without saying goodbye, Tanya had to see tiger alone…

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